Monday, April 30, 2007

Ode to a Husband

I write this entry not to brag, but to encourage readers to write an ode to someone special in their lives (or several people). In addition, I encourage you all to pat yourselves on the back for having had the insight to make these people part of your lives! Go ahead, gloat! I hereby give myself permission to do so as well:

I have married an amazing man! I have only known him for seven years of my life, but have learned so much about myself during that time through his eyes and his outlook. Everyday I see examples of how my natural instinct to choose a mate has proven successful. Allow me to gloat a bit…to “count the ways,” so to speak:

  1. He is handsome (see below).
  2. He bears a wonderful blend of each of his parent’s personalities in his ability to be extremely levelheaded (his Father) and sensitive (his Mother) at the same time, which leads me to...
  3. He has given me the two best in-laws I could ask for .
  4. He achieves balance every day by working hard but allowing himself time to play and enjoy life.
  5. He is flexible and open to the world, always ready to learn and try new things.
  6. His capacity to make me laugh in stressful or tense situations is uncanny.
  7. He writes the most poetic love letters.

Gosh, somebody stop me…I could go on, but I’ll do you all a favor and keep some of this gushing between husband and wife.

Owning a business has given my husband and me even more opportunities to learn about each other and develop our relationship. I have remarked many times in the past several months since we have started our venture how well my husband deals with frustration. While I tend to bubble over easily, Ryan’s unwavering, even-tempered perspective allows him to handle each trying situation with grace and to move on quickly, not wasting time dwelling on negativity. This has been an important life lesson for me. I have learned great things from this man!

So here’s to Ryan! And may all of you take some time today to gloat about your loved ones.


Ryan said...

I love you!

klm said...

Nice post - we often don't take enough time to appreciate the ones we love.
Much joy,

Jody said...

Wow! Almost made me cry ... you know me, the sensitive one. But seriously, I'm so glad you and Ryan found each other. Your personalities compliment each other, in much the same way as Brent & me (and we have a pretty good track record, don't you think?) Thanks for loving my son in the way that he deserves. I'm so proud of both of you. Love you, Jody