Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today, I Find Inspiration in Everything

Today, the sun rises triumphantly over the fields next to my house. We have had few sunny days this winter, so the sight is breathtaking.

Today, I enjoy watching my dog chase a ball once or twice, then prance off to sniff more interesting things (she is not much of a ball dog).

Today, I notice the cool, soothing feeling of the milk as I eat my cereal.

Today, I silence the alarm bell on my email and respond to emails when I am ready, not every time I receive a message. I am not a slave to technology.

Today, I let the warm water from the shower linger on the back of my neck for just a few extra seconds.

Today, I dwell on happy thoughts and moments. I am present, relaxed, and alert, acknowledging the blessed life that I have.

Today, I give someone I love a hug and tell them how much they mean to me.

Today, I enjoy the sound of the scissors as I get my hair trimmed. The new, healthy strands make me feel refreshed and confident.

Today, I watch the birds at the feeder outside my kitchen window, grateful for their little noises and bodies. The world would be a very dull place without them.

Today, I Find Inspiration in Everything I can.

How do you find inspiration in your daily life?


A girl and her dog said...
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A girl and her dog said...

That comment wasn't done, and I hit publish on accident.

I love how you quoted my favorite book of all time and mention the pleasurs of everyday life. We often do these little things, like run the shower a bit longer and enjoy the warmth, but don't stop to think about how we did the things for ourselves and enjoyed them. Life is full of little pleasures that we need to stop and aknowledge more. If I took anything home from Austin is that looking on the bright side of life brings joy. I am so happy I had those times with you there and miss you terribly.. Austin can not be our final meeting.

ryan said...

This morning on my walk I watched my dog (Sadie) disappear into the woods following the scent of some unseen creature. Invisible to me, yet so powerful and compelling to her. I stood on the hill, waiting for her inevitable return, when suddenly, a beautiful red fox came running through the tall grass from the direction Sadie had gone. I wonder if the fox and Sadie met, and if they did, what they thought of each other. Would they be friends or foe. My guess is foe, but it feels good to think of them having a cup of tea together on a log in the woods. Maybe they finished their tea and the fox ran off to an appointment with his business partner, the red tail hawk.

Sadie came back to see what I had been up to and we continued on our walk.

Today, I find inspiration in potential and possibility.

Larissa said...

Hi A Girl and Her Dog,

Yes, Austin was a wonderful time. We definitely have some great memories. And it won't be our final meeting! I just know it. I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog, and thanks for the comment!

Larissa said...

I hope Sadie and the fox met, too. And that the hawk was involved. Actually, while I was brushing Sadie outside today, a hawk flew right in front of us and snatched up a bird. It was pretty incredible. It sat out on the field then and watched us for a bit. Sadie and I were both intrigued.
I love you,