Thursday, May 22, 2008

MCFA Mixer!

Dearest Readers,
I am still reeling from a recent event that I organized with my fellow council members of the Mercersburg Council for the Arts. I recently wrote about it on the MCFA blog. Please check it out! It affirms that the Arts are more and more important in this day and age!
All my best!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shoshone Sage

Shoshone sage crawls up a hill
where a skinny house with
horror film spires leans
against a clouded moon.

I find a spot behind my
motel gravel lot to take
this strange picture.
RV hookups, dumpster
But an owl too floats quiet,
my dog watches.

I raise my camera for
another good one,
but am startled by
a figure that appears in
my frame, like a tree
I hadn’t noticed yet.

The shutter flashes
against the ground. A young
person, curious to make
an acquaintance asks me
if I’ve heard the chimes
way up in the
Hitchcock tower.

The owl moves, the wind shifts
and we greet each other
between worlds.

Larissa Chace
Wapiti, Wyoming

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Morning Walk

On many mornings (and afternoons), I enjoy a walk or jog with my dog, Sadie, along the lane beside the horse barn in our back yard, down into the the little dale where the stream trickles along, and through the fields beyond. Each time, I take note of how fortunate I am to have this land accessible to me, so that I may walk peacefully or run as fast as I can, and so that Sadie can be off-leash, running free through the tall grass. Below is a series of photos from a typical stroll.

Where is your favorite place to stroll or jog?

Our backyard, with the fire pit Ryan built in the yard beyond.

Sadie is ready for her walk.

One of the horses strolls along with us for a bit.

Looking back toward the barn and house, the horses munch on grass.

The "dale" and stream have been bursting with life as of late.

Sadie loves the open fields.

She says, "Let's go again!"