Monday, April 23, 2007

Earth Day Fun

How do you celebrate Earth Day when you try to embrace nature every day? Go for a hike!
Ryan and I got nearly lost just minutes from our apartment in downtown Austin, hiking for hours.

The weather in Austin has been wonderfully moist this spring so our hiking environment often reminded us of our home in the Northeast.

There are hills in Texas!

Sadie plays her favorite game of "rocks" by the creek.

Me, caught in deep thought at the end of our hike.

My favorite vista on our hike: majestic, round hills and Barton Creek, a powerful presence after 2 years of drought. Even in the city, the earth and its bounties are really something to celebrate.


Karl said...

Those photos are beautiful. My favorite is of you overlooking the river. I added your blog to my RSS feed, so now I get it everytime you post.

Anonymous said...

Hi- I'm not anonymous, I'm undesignated. I'm not a Googler or a blogger... some may say I'm an other, but these here words in this blog just done struck me up right (if'n you know what I'm sayin, that is).

I used to write a lot too-- so I hear how your voice is escaping... and it sounds like it's plain old red, white, and blue freedom to me-- the kind that blows up in your brain and leaks into words, if'n you know what I'm sayin, that is.

So-- I'm gonna try to remember to read your blog when I can, especially when I'm mechanicalizing my thoughts and trying to put them on a straight road toward-- well-- freedom (if'n you know what I'm sayin, that is).

I'll tell you one thing-- once I was in the city and these birds were living in a crack behind a statue. I used to go down to that place and stare up at that crack just awaitin' on them birds to flutter speed back and forth. Man-- if'n it weren't one of the most interesting things happenin' in that old city. I reckon people figured I was a looney talkin to the statue, but that was just fine by me when I saw those birds fly into that crack at 40 m.p.h. (if'n you know what i'm sayin, that is).

I'll bet you 20 dollars and can of Kodiak that Dale Jr. couldn't maneuver like them birds (if'n you know what I'm sayin, that is).

Nah-- chewin is bad kids. Spittin is gross. Get it in your heads now before its too late. But I'll bet you $20 and a vegeteraian cuisine shaped like a sirloin that Dale can't maneuver like them 'ol birds- if'n you know what I'm sayin, that is.

Them 'ol cities is just as full of the living life as it is on a country day in a springtime groundhog nest (if'n you know what I'm sayin, that is).

By the way... I like that 'ol hat your husband is wearin-- might have to get me one like it. Maybe you'll consider Chase-Smith Photogrpahy enbroidered on Mossy Oak-- now you just can't go wrong on that one (if'n you know what I'm sayin, that is).

Well-- I won't take up all your blogosphere, that just don't seem right. It's a big 'ol bloggin world, but ya can't go around gobblin up on everybody else's blogtime at once-- if'n you know what I'm sayin, that is.

But... let me tell you one last thing:

When I'm fightin the mind hellions, sometimes the thought bubbles float above my head, sayin "Now what was it that Ol Rissy said in that electronic mail letter thing?"

Then I say, oh yea... that's right... she said don't let them 'ol mind hellions pop my dang 'ol mind bubbles-- they're precious like all the things that I need to remember are precious on every day in the sunshine, rain, or don't matter when or where... just everyone, everywhere, all the dang time-- if'n you know what I'm sayin, that is.

And I'm a'tryin on remeberin these things cuz sometimes life goes fast like a cheetah, but it aint like a cheetah at all when it's just a'flyin by and you're lettin it get all crazy like a rascally 'ol 150 lb Rotweiller gettin' taken for a walk by a 75 lb kid on a leash made out of 4 lb. test fishin line (if'n you know what I'm sayin, that is).

Ok-- I aint so sure I know what the hell I'm a'sayin on that one, but anyhow...

The point is... thanks for reminding me to think, feel, and get excited about good food...

Oh yea... and to smile and tell all them'ns that I love that I done love 'em all up like a batch of gooey birthday brownies on anybody's birthday, don't matter who it is cuz gooey 'ol birthday brownies is good on any 'ol day just like them'ns that you love, sorta like 'Ol Yeller but ya aint sayin it's so cuz you don't wanta break into an 'ol cryin fit for the 5000th time over that 'Ol Yeller movie dog, even if you do love him like everybody else 'an a batch of 'ol gooey birthday brownies-- if'n you know what I'm sayin, that is.

So, feed your mind ninjas so they can defend your exploding brain and keep your bubbles intact-- energy is neither created nor destroyed unless the mind hellions chew on your medulla oblongata like a pack of termites on an old rotten barn... and I like old rotten barns, so mind ninjas rule-- if'n you know what I'm sayin, that is.

We wish yinzers lived closer-- cuz we love yinz and Sadie lady like a batcha of 'ol gooey birthday brownies, but more cuz we can bake a thousan 'ol batches of gooey birthday brownies-- well maybe 944 batches cuz we migh burn some of em-- but yinzers are one of a kind-- if'n you know what I'm sayin that is.