Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shoshone Sage

Shoshone sage crawls up a hill
where a skinny house with
horror film spires leans
against a clouded moon.

I find a spot behind my
motel gravel lot to take
this strange picture.
RV hookups, dumpster
But an owl too floats quiet,
my dog watches.

I raise my camera for
another good one,
but am startled by
a figure that appears in
my frame, like a tree
I hadn’t noticed yet.

The shutter flashes
against the ground. A young
person, curious to make
an acquaintance asks me
if I’ve heard the chimes
way up in the
Hitchcock tower.

The owl moves, the wind shifts
and we greet each other
between worlds.

Larissa Chace
Wapiti, Wyoming


Karl - Your Work Happiness Matters said...

Very whimsical. Your personality really came out in this poem. You should post some more. Have you written any lately?

Larissa said...

Thanks, Karl. I have not been writing poetry lately. The poems I occasionally post are older. I may start up with it again someday, but it hasn't struck me yet...All the best!