Friday, August 28, 2009

Roadside Kitsch to Rugged Landscapes: Photo Review of Creative Highways 2009

Now that we have had time to look over the hundreds of images Ryan took on our Northwestern tour this July, we have hand-picked six that stand out as truly capturing the story of the Great American road trip.

Ironically, all these photos were taken within the first quarter of our trip, when we were most hungry for creative inspiration everywhere we looked. We are excited to see these images come together to represent our experience.

What are your favorites?

"Ben Biking" in Sparta, Wisconsin

Jolly Green Giant, Blue Earth, Minnesota

Picnic Shell, Badlands, South Dakota

RV in Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming

Summer storm on the Snake River Plain, Idaho

Bivouac camping at Smith Rock, Oregon


Christina said...

Nice. Those were some of my favs. Although I am a bit bummed my puppies didn't make the cut ;c)

Larissa said...

Thanks for the comment, Christina! Your puppies came in a close second :)

Karl said...

My favorite was the last one. The lit up tent and the soft orange of the Oregon rock mass. It reminds me of how peaceful camping can be. It's a much needed break from the life of the city.

Larissa said...

Thanks, Karl! That photo has been one of the most popular, for sure. It brings back fond memories of beautiful Western nights.