Friday, July 3, 2009

Creative Highways: Storms, Windy Tents, and Mountain Peaks

After two days "off the map", we are shacked up in a motel in Baker City, Oregon - a bit off course from our original plan (which was to go through Bend on our way to Corvallis, OR), but we got a little behind so we are taking the fast track to Corvallis.

Here is a sampling of all the amazing things we've seen during the past 3 days. We've covered so much ground, it's become a bit of a blur, so let's review:

The Badlands of South Dakota:

Bighorn Sheep

Picnicking in the Badlands

Ryan's self portrait near our picnic site
(tilt shift lens extravaganza)

Big Horn National Forest, Wyoming:

Our campsite by Crazy Woman Creek

Don't let this serene scene fool you;
we slept through extremely high winds and rain that night.

Yellowstone National Park:

West Thumb Geyser Pools in Yellowstone

Geothermal activity flowing straight into Yellowstone Lake

Teton National Park:

This was taken from our camp ground - a beautiful sunset over Jackson Lake;
once again, we awoke to a thunderstorm and rain at 5 a.m.

A stop in Pocatello, ID to see our friend, Christina, her cute house, and cute dogs:

Marley and Obe keep cool in the yard

Another terrific Western storm on our way across Southern Idaho

All photos © Chace + Smith Photography

Tomorrow's adventure: Corvallis, Oregon and July 4th weekend on the Oregon Coast!


Ricky said...

the photos are amazing!! Glad you guys are having fun!

Christina said...

LOVE the Marley and Obi pic.. Turned out great.

Matt Russell said...

Beautiful photos Larissa!

Anonymous said...