Monday, July 20, 2009

Creative Highways: Morels and Old Friends in Moscow, Idaho

On Thursday, July 9, Ryan, Sadie and I crossed the Washington/Idaho border and drove up the Lewiston, Idaho grade to our old town of Moscow. For me it had been since 2004 that I had visited this place; for Ryan, since 2003, when he graduated from the University of Idaho. We both were very quiet, except for the occasional sigh of, "Wow," from one of us, as we drove into town and past familiar locales and scenery. Over the course of the next 3 days, we observed how many memories from Moscow were locked away and could only surface by being back there. It was fun to reminisce about the early years of our relationship, having moved out to Idaho without ever seeing it before, taking a big leap together, and accepting the place for all its foibles and charms.

We were able to appreciate the area with new eyes this time around, and we left knowing that we will return to this place again and again.

Sadie was born and adopted in Moscow. Here she is surveying her old stomping grounds at Philips Farm just outside of town.

I worked at the U. of Idaho Early Childcare Center during our two years in Moscow. Here I am pictured with a family I was close to. The eight-year-old to my far left was 3 when I left. The strangest part of it all was how she didn't remember me, but also how quickly we all became friends again.

We were able to make a quick stop to see my old colleague Stacey, her husband, Jeff, and puppy Gracie.

We stayed with friends Leanne and Mark during our visit, and were greeted with hand picked and battered morel mushrooms, freshly caught fish, and plenty of wine and beer!

On Saturday morning, we made sure to make a stop at one of our favorite haunts from our Moscow days: the expansive farmers market.

Moscow is situated on the Palouse Prairie, a very unique landscape, and just on the edge of the Bitterroot Mountains. We had a picnic on Moscow Mountain on Saturday evening and caught the Palouse in all its glory just as the sun was going down.

Ryan aims to get the perfect shot.

That's the one.

All photos © Chace + Smith Photography

Soon to come: updates about camping for 5 nights in the wilds of Idaho, and meeting up with old friends in Central and Southern Idaho before moving on to Utah!

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Christina said...

Morels are a very Moscow memory for me. I had never had them before or since then.. mmmmmm. Great shots