Thursday, February 19, 2009

Longing for Winter

I love winter.
I am befuddled by the tendency to wish for spring. What would spring be without these long, cold, dark, wistful months? It is easy to overlook the beauty of this season:
Bare bony trees running the edges of the rolling hills and dales.
Cold creeks under stone bridges, their black banks contrasted with patches of white snow.
Even the frigid winds are beautiful, as are the warm, cozy houses when you stomp in out of the cold. It is a time for introspection and creativity. It is full of mystery and death, but its stark beauty warms my heart.

I wrote a song about it today, called Caribou. It is a song about the season, but also about the fear of someday possibly losing winter, either from global warming or my own passing. It is about a longing for winter and normalcy.

Oh, winter, have you left me?
Oh, winter, have you left me?
In the ash black dirt beside this creek
Next to the body of this Caribou
I will lay this body down to sleep

Oh, winter, will you promise me?
Oh, winter, will you promise me?
Will you visit me in my next life?
Will you offer me some good advice?
I can see it in your pale skies

Oh, cold wind
Will I never see your darkest days again?
Will I never hear you silent nights again?
In your gloom I watch my life unfold
I see my courage in your quiet streams
And all the beauty in your deepest snows
(Come again snow, come again snow)

© Larissa Chace Smith, 2/19/09

Someday, maybe I'll share this song with you. Or should I say, The Hello Strangers will.....


Chloe said...

Larissa I love winter too! We are still living in Las Vegas but should be heading back to NH this summer (yes, we've said that for the past 2 years now ;)). I am SO excited at the prospect of experiencing a real winter again! Your lyrics were gorgeous and gave me goosebumps. Hope all is well!

Ricky said...

"did you leave the light on for me, i think maybe you have forgot me"

a song that will never be topped.

Ricky said...

also...if winter doesnt end soon Im gonna go nuts. I WANT SUMMER! Then you can write about the lake

Larissa said...

Chloe - glad to see you are still following my blog! I thought perhaps I'd lost you :)
Good to hear the update. I bet you're REALLY excited for the move now that it's been put off for a while. Maybe that's why I love winter so much, because we were in Texas all those years.
Glad you liked the lyrics.
Happy winter!

Larissa said...

Ricky - so glad you are still a die hard Viola Hayle fan!

Christina said...

Its great to be reminded of the beauty of winter. This is the time when I usually am tired and want warm weather. Its great to be reminded to appreciate what we have now. said...

Larissa - I love, love, love your winter photos. So glad I found you thru Blogher's directory!

Be well & inspired~

Larissa said...

Thank you, Christina and Upon-Request for your comments! I'm glad I have my husband's beautiful photography to accent my writing and inspire others.

Ricky said...

"What would spring be without these long, cold, dark, wistful months?"

that line there really made me think. Many things just started flowing through my head, sitting in a house with candles flickering in the room, dressed warmly, but also being warm from being inside, and just relaxing. Mainly what we do around the holidays after the meals.

Larissa said...

You're right, Ricky. I think about those coazy nights in Bainbridge, sitting by candlelight, or playing games at the kitchen table. Those are important to all of us, just as much as the lake times (though those are hard to beat!). Thanks for the comment.