Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's that time of year again! Time for cozy evenings with friends watching cheesy horror flicks (tonight's special: In the Mouth of Madness), and making our annual horrific photograph, complete with props, a full moon, and wardrobe. Last year's project was a ton of spooky fun; Ryan and I think that someday we may be able to have an exhibition with all our years of Halloween photo projects. We shall see...

On Halloween night, we will be joining friends in Baltimore for a night out dancing at Lithuanian Hall and other haunts. What are your plans for this fun holiday?

Ryan and I call this year's project, lovingly, "Cleaver Death:"

© Chace + Smith Photography 2008

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

I love this shot like crazy!

tomorrow tomorrow i'll see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Mae Socks

Karl - Work Happy Now said...

Love the photo. The both of you are so creative.

Hope you had a spooky Halloween.

Ricky said...

i see you survived the jk. Why cant you guys include me?! lol