Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Announcement: Mercersburg Council for the Arts

Hello dear readers,
I am pleased to announce that my husband, myself, and several other wonderful people have successfully created an arts council in our lovely town. We are currently working under the auspices of the Mercersburg Area Chamber of Commerce, but plan to be our own entity within the next two years. We are very proud of this accomplishment! I thought I would share this happy news with you and direct you to our links:

MCFA Webpage

MCFA Blog and Event Listing



Ricky said...

so what exactly does this mean??

Larissa said...

It means we are helping artists in the Mercersburg area to promote themselves, as well as organize events, write press releases, and generally facilitate and foster the arts in our town.

Check out the website and blog - it explains everything.

See you soon!

Karl Staib - Your Work Happiness Matters said...

Cool! You should make some good contacts through this council. I checked out the website and it looks great.

Larissa said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Karl. We hope it turns out to be a great success!