Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another Poem to Enjoy

It's funny, I read through my poetry and often feel like I am such a different person now. Then I look at the date and it just doesn't seem that long ago. Time is impalpable.

Here is another poem, untouched since the day I wrote it.

I live on a river beach
just for one day
the wild Salmon river has turned
into my bedroom fan
just for one night
and smooth round worry stones
formed by the dancings of
such a river
they are my linoleum for today.

What of the rest of the world
when I can watch the sun light
this treasure chest beach,
hear canyon wrens laughing
way up the walls,
see a proud osprey on his loft
after a fresh catch dive
and the stars of Idaho spinning
just for one night.

Salmon River, Riggins, ID
May 12, 2002

©Larissa Chace Smith

I hope you're having a wonderfully creative day. Do share your creative endeavors with all of us!


hallie said...

how words
seep through

cyber space

memory reaches
and i become


(your poem was written on my 23rd birthday)

ryan said...

We need to get back there for a visit really soon. I miss that feeling. Thanks for bringing it back.

Larissa said...

Wow, can you think back to what you were doing on the day I wrote that poem? I of course was camping on a salmon river beach. But I'm sure you and I weren't far from each other and probably would be hanging out shortly after I wrote it. I miss those times with you. Always fun and creative. We're finally getting cool weather in PA which is also reminding me of Idaho. All the best and thanks for the great poem comment!

Larissa said...

Ryan, yes a trip back to the Inland NW is much needed. Maybe after Panama and the UK!