Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy.

Incidentally, I started this blog the day after the horrible tragedy at Virginia Tech. I have since been contemplating, "How does one have a happy day when one hears such terrible news?" This is an important concern as bad news circulates everyday, whether through the daily news or your own personal circles. In a situation such as this recent tragedy, I find the best way to deal with the situation in the context of my own life, and to feel at peace in my day, is to send out thoughtful prayers to people who are suffering much more than I. Or perhaps a donation of time and/or money is in order, as with the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe. Either way, sending something positive in the direction of the source of grief can only make your own day better as well as help those in need.

Being selfless and selfish are polar opposites, but I believe there is a happy middle ground. Taking time out of the day to reflect upon your own life as well as thinking about others are ways to exist in this middle ground. It is important that neither selflessness or selfishness take over your daily life. It's about balance, and as a Virgo, I love balance!

I feel guilty sometimes that I don't think more about our servicewomen and men who are fighting and working for our nation all over the world. Regardless of their reason for being where they are, or whether you agree that they should be where they are, thinking about how grateful you are that they are making that sacrifice is an incredibly enriching practice. Sometimes when I'm holding a yoga pose or sitting thoughtfully, I will say in my head or out loud how grateful I am for all the elements of my life that I take for granted and that have been given to me through the hard work of others (and I don't always know what these are!). Then I praise myself for having the motivation to do yoga and eat well and work hard to make things happen in my life all by myself!

Today has been a gift, despite the tragic news, and I have been focused throughout the day on staying positive, even as the less exciting details and logistics came to pass. I also made sure to enjoy the details that were not part of my To Do List: looking at all the beautiful yards and flowers on my way to the grocery store, appreciating my husband as he and I cleaned the bathroom this morning, sharing my thoughts and news with my sister-in-law for the first time in a while, and spending some time writing on our balcony (pictured here) and enjoying the beautiful Texas spring weather.



Karl said...

You've started you're own blog. Yeah! Now I get to see Larissa's day to day thoughts. I've added you to my blog roll. Hopefully people will click on you from my site. I'll know that you'll make an excellent blogger.

Hallie said...

I reccomend a regular "news fast". I got this idea from one of Dr. Andrew Weil's books. I no longer use a "news" page as my homepage, and I regularly (once or more a week) aviod reading a newspaper or listening to radio news. This allows me to stay caught up, gracious and considerate, but helps me aviod feeling "brought down" by overwhelming negative news! (If I'm feeling REALLY low I'll do it for several days) Give it a whirl!